Lets face it, unwanted pests on your property are unhygienic, destructive and costly if the problem is not treated promptly by a professional pest control company.
Plus its just eew!
Annoying vermin or pests can also become embarrassing when guests, family and neighbors visit.  They always seem to appear when you have guests?!
This situation can even be detrimental to your friendships, relationships with family and even losing business and potential clients.

Pest also carry all sorts of harmful diseases which if ignored can cause health complications for you, your kids and domestic pets. 
Don’t ignore the problem and risk so much when a very affordable pest control company in Cape Town is just a phone call or email away? 

Client Safety

The ultimate goal of our pest control service is to keep our clients safe from pests and the micro organisms associated with them. 
Before, during and after our service we need to do everything we can to protect our clients from these hazards.


Our pest control products and solutions are highly effective. We are so confident in our methods and approach that we offer a 3-6 month guarantee on our work for both residential and commercial properties.

Polite & Qualified Staff

Our pest control technicians are all well trained and qualified with many years of experience collectively. Each pest control operator has been through the best training available in SA and have a strong knowledge base on every type of pest in the Cape Town area 

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