Pest Control Three Anchor Bay

Pest Control Three Anchor Bay

Here at Verm-X we strive to offer the most professional and reliable pest control Three Anchor Bay services. We service all areas in Cape Town so you can relax at home while we take care of the rest!

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You have probably tried some kind of home remedy or off the shelf products to help with your pest problem, unfortunately, these methods rarely work and can sometimes even make the problem worse! But don’t stress our affordable pest control services have proven time and time again to succeed in the Three Anchor Bay area. Contact us today for a FREE quote!


Common pests in the Three Anchor Bay area

Some common pests found in the Three Anchor Bay area include rats, mice, moles, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, flies and ants. However, the area is not limited to these pests.

Our fumigation and pest control Three Anchor Bay track record have proven to provide excellent results for many happy clients residing in Cape Town.


Eco-friendly Pest Control Three Anchor Bay

We also offer eco-friendly pest control services in Three Anchor Bay. All our products are the most eco-friendly products available from accredited suppliers. This ensures that the product is still effective but not damaging to the surrounding environment. Whatever your pest control problem might be, we will ensure that we have the most affordable and eco-friendly service in Three Anchor Bay.


Benefits of Pest Control

Pest control Three Anchor Bay has numerous benefits, some being:


Pests are unhygienic! This is a fact that no one can argue with. They spread and breed in your premises. This can become especially dangerous around young children or elderly people. The unhygienic area can become a breeding ground for diseases such as Salmonella, Typhoid Fever, etc.



Proper pest control Three Anchor Bay can make sure the premises are safe for all individuals. Certain pests can attack if they feel threatened. For example rats or wasps can become dangerous if they are not handled or exterminated in the correct way.


Commercial and Domestic Pest Control

We offer pest control services for both commercial and domestic properties throughout Three Anchor Bay and Cape Town.

Commercial properties can be done on a monthly basis in order to maintain pests in the area. Our services will make sure your premises remain hygienic and safe for everyone. Domestic properties are guaranteed for a certain time frame depending on the type of treatment done.

We ensure that the pest control treatment is done as quickly and effectively as possible leaving the homeowner or business manager with one less thing to think/stress about!


Explaination of our services

We will explain all of our professional methods to eradicate the pests in your living areas. Such as how to get rid of cockroaches, how to get rid of Fleas etc. You will know exactly what our procedure will be before we start.

We offer a 24-48 hour turn-around time from your first point of contact ensuring we can be on your property immediately, if not sooner.


Other pest control Three Anchor Bay services

Other services offered are installation of rodent bait stations, electronic fly units, fly bait bags, and more…

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We offer fumigation solutions and pest control methods for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Three Anchor Bay.

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