Pest Control & Fumigation Service in Hout Bay

Pest Control & Fumigation Service in Hout Bay

We are a professional, friendly and reasonably priced Pest Control and fumigation service available in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Hout Bay and surrounding areas is prone to all form pests like rodents and cockroaches, due to urbanization, overcrowding and other municipal factors. We offer pest control and fumigation services to the following clients in Hout Bay:

  1. Hotels
  2. Schools
  3. Pubs
  4. Restaurants
  5. Domestic Homes
  6. Shops

Our fumigation and pest control service in Hout Bay, Cape Town and surrounding areas includes, but not limited to:

You’ve probably tried some or other methods like a doom fogger or other commercial aerosol sprays with limited success. Do not fret! A feasible pest solution is just a click away.

If you would like to learn more about fumigation – click here

We explain – How to get rid of cockroaches, bed bugs etc.

For your peace-of-mind we explain our proven methods and techniques to you before-hand and how we can effectively get rid of bed bugs, how to get rid of cockroaches, how to get rid of insects, how to get rid of fleas, how to get rid of ants, how to get rid of rats and mice and how to get rid of moles and more. Whatever your problem, we’ve got a solution.

Our pest control and fumigation track record has proven to provide excellent results for pest control and fumigation in Hout Bay and surrounding areas.

We offer a 24-48 hour turn-around time from your first point of contact ensuring we can always be on your Hout Bay property as soon as possible.

Bio-Friendly Odourless Products

VERM-X only use professional bio-friendly products and odorless chemicals when carrying out any interior or exterior fumigation in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Off-the-shelf products like Doom fogger for example, will offer a degree of relief but unfortunately will not always solve the problem permanently.
We use professional equipment and the latest techniques that guarantees success when tackling any insect or other related pest problems in Hout Bay and surrounding areas.

Honest, Friendly Professional PCO’s

Our operators are honest, professional and friendly with many years of experience. If you’ve already tried something like Doom fogger or other aerosol sprays which was unsuccessful, we will guarantee to find the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to cure your pest problem in Seapoint, Cape Town.

Other Services

Other services offered are installation of rodent bait stations, electronic fly units, fly bait bags and more…

We offer fumigation solutions and pest control methods for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Domestic Fumigation

When most people have a pest problem, they assume fumigation is the answer. This is true in many pest cases but not in all. The type of fumigation methods also varies quite drastically with different evacuation times for each. You essentially get 3 types of fumigation for domestic applications:

  1. Spray Fumigation
  2. Gas Fumigation
  3. Toxic Gas Fumigation

When the pest controller is present on-site, he will determine the level of infestation of the insect as well as the correct procedures to take. When doing domestic fumigation there are a few points to take into consideration.

Lets look at each option separately

Spray Fumigation

This is the most “user-friendly” of the lot since the application is quick and there are minimal downtime and evacuation time involved. The chemicals are non-toxic and odorless which only requires about 1 hour to dry.

This fumigation is achieved by means of a hand-held spray pump which is used for the following:

  1. Perimeter sprays for ants
  2. Interior sprays for cockroaches
  3. Interior sprays for Biting Insects
  4. Exterior Drains

This approach is mainly used in busy offices, hotels, schools and factories. Areas where foot traffic is high and where evacuation isn’t always possible. The chemical won’t affect users in any way unless they have sensitive chests or respiratory problems.

In this instance, a minimum of 30 minutes of evacuation time is required.

If you would like to read more about domestic or office fumigation and the procedures – click here

Gas Fumigation

This is recommended when infestations are severe. In the event the home-owner in Hout Bay has a high level of cockroaches in the kitchen and surrounding areas or a restaurant kitchen has a major cockroach problem, we would strongly recommend we do an initial gas fumigation treatment first.

This is necessary to flush out and eradicate all cockroaches or biting insects from their cracks and crevices. Especially in hard to reach places or areas in the house, office or restaurant where chemical sprays cannot reach due to electrical switches, plugs and devices.

once complete we return within 7 days to carry out a followup treatment. This is necessary to target any eggs that might have hatches or any additional insects that might have somehow escaped the initial gas. We then do a treatment which will be effective for long-term control such as gel and granular application in the event of cockroaches. For fleas we return to do a second spray fumigation to kill off any remaining fleas.

Evacuation time is 6 Hours

Wood Destroying Insect Fumigation

This is only used in the event of a borer beetle infestation in the wooden floors or the roof beams. The house needs to be sealed off and neighbors alerted to the treatment about to happen.

Methyl Bromide is usually the gas used to seep into all cracks and crevices of timber to eradicate all wood destroying insects.

Evacuation time is 4-6 days


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