Ant Control Cape Town

Ant Control Cape Town

If you are looking for ant pest control in Cape Town then look no further VERM-X is a professional pest control company specializing in ant control and ant fumigation in Cape Town. We will control ants on your premises through various methods such as ant bait techniques.

Ants Control Cape Town

Ant Pest Control Services In CPT

Indoor Ant Fumigation

Residual sprays

The best way to do ant control in Cape Town is by using residual sprays which are chemicals that need to be mixed with water before spraying onto the surfaces where ants regularly crisscross weeks to months of control can be expected indoors depending on the type of surface treated, presence of dust, dirt and human interference.

Outdoor Ant Control

Nest treatments

Outdoor ant control Cape Town is done by treating the nests. The insecticide is prepared by diluting it with water according to the directions for use and as many as possible. Nest entrances are then treated with a diluted chemical.

Nest Treatments

Ant bait / poison

Ant bait, preferably made from or containing a preferred food of ants, can be used to eradicate ant nests, for an active ingredient to be effective against ants it has to be slow acting.

The reason being, the forager must not die before it reaches the nest and spread the bait to members of the colony. The ant bait is quickly distributed throughout the nest by prophylaxis and should be strong enough to kill ants after it was diluted from one ant to the other. The active ingredient or other ingredients in the bait should also not be repellent in any way. It should be highly attractive to the ants and attract them even in the presence of other food sources.

Professional ant bait is easy to use and very effective on a variety of ants. Call us and we will show you how to get rid of ants effectively.

Ant Species in Cape Town

Ants are social insects and live in large colonies. They are highly developed insects and some species have included phenomena such as slavery, military campaigns, and animal husbandry in their daily tasks.

Argentine Ant: (Linepithema humile)

Argentine ants are dark brown insects. These ants are common around the coast of Cape Town. The workers are all one size (3mm). They move along well-defined trails and are active 24 hours a day. Argentine ants feed on a large variety of foods although they prefer sweet foods.

Black Sugar Ant: (Lepisiota Capenis)

Black sugar ant in cape town

The Black sugar and is a shiny black ant. They occur throughout South Africa and Cape Town and are also common in the fynbos. The workers are all one size. They work 24 hours a day and forage along well-defined trails. They will take most kinds of food.

Brown House Ants: (Pheidole Megacephela)

Brown house ant in Cape Town

Brown house ants are light brown ants and are also referred to as big-headed ants. The workers occur in two sizes of which the soldiers have bigger heads. The smaller or minor workers are 2mm in length and the bigger or major workers are 3.5mm in length. The workers don’t always run indefinite trails and are most active at night. Their food preference includes fats, sugar, and honeydew.

Pugnacious Ant: (Anoplolepis custodiens)

The pugnacious ants are reddish-brown with a head redder than the rest of the body. Pugnacious ants are very common in South Africa and prefer open areas. Workers vary in size from 2-10mm.

They run in haphazard directions and attack anything in sight. Pugnacious ants are predators and seed dispersers. They have an important ecological role to play in the Cape Fynbos. Many Fynbos has seeds bearing nutritive bodies called elaiosomes.

Pugnacious ants take these seeds to their nests and chew off the elaiosomes. The seeds remain underground where they are protected from rodents and fire until it hatches.

Areas where Found:

  1. Argentine Ants
    They construct nests in exposed and covered soil but never indoors.
  2. Black Sugar Ants
    Nests are constructed in sheltered soil under paving and in structures.
  3. Brown House Ants
    These ants often make nests under paths where it throws up small mounds of soil between paving.
  4. Pugnacious Ant
    They nest below the ground without a mound at the nest entrance.

How to get rid of an ant infestation in Cape Town

  • Identify the ant trail: You will have to source where the ant problem is or call an ant exterminator that can track the exact trail leading to the nest. Once the trail is located you can effectively kill the colony of ants with the use of ant fumigation and ant bait.
  • Determine the cause: Most of the time there would be a reason for ants to come into your home. Whether it is pet food, crumbs, or a spilled drink you need to figure out what the original cause was. By doing this you limit the reasons for ants to enter your home and start an infestation.
  • Pest control management: If you are still struggling with ant control in Cape Town even after the ant bait, ant fumigation, and determining the cause you will more than likely need pest control management or a full-time ant exterminator to help you kill the ant infestation.

Eco-Friendly Ant Control Cape Town

We make use of only the most eco-friendly ant pest control products available in Cape Town. These products are made with chemicals that limit the damage to the environment and are safe for pets and humans in the area.

Cape Town Ant Life-Cycle

Queen Ants

The reproductive male and females have the task of reproducing. Depending on the species, only one or more females reproduce and are called the queens.

Pest species tend to have more than one Queen. males are initially winged and are mostly the only present and involved during the forming of a new colony.

Worker ants

The workers (sterile females) nurse lava and take care of the queen, build and repair the nest, and forage for food. Normally the foragers that are seen above the ground represent 10% of the total colony.

Soldier ants

The soldiers protect the colony from Intruders and might participate in foraging.

What months do ants come out in Cape Town?

Cape Town ants are most active during the months of September and October.

Can pest control get rid of ants?

Yes, an experienced pest control company like VERM-X will be able to locate and kill the ant infestation relatively quickly.

How to stop ants from coming into your house?

To stop ants from coming into your house you need to make sure there is nothing for them to forage lying around the premises. eg) crumbs, spilled drinks.

How do I permanently get rid of ants?

Ants are foragers and therefore there is always a chance of ants entering your premises. If you want to make sure ants do not nest in your home it is best to opt for a pest control management service for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly ant treatments.

Is there a guarantee for ant control in Cape Town?

Yes, there is a 6-month guarantee for our ant control service in Cape Town. If you are worried about anything feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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