If you reside in Cape Town and have a pest control problem that needs urgent attention, look no further. Verm-X specializes in fumigation and pest control Cape Town. We service all areas in the Western Cape such as Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, Helderberg and West Coast to name a few.

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Pest control services in Cape Town include eradication of rats, mice, moles, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants etc. This is done through professional methods of rodent control, insect fumigation treatments and spraying insecticides for crawling and biting insects.

This means regular fumigation and pest control services are absolutely necessary to eradicate and maintain a safe, pest-free environment in Cape Town.

Our fumigation and pest control methods in Cape Town

Our professional exterminators have many years of experience in pest control around Cape Town. We provide the best service and custom solutions to both residential and commercial clients in Cape Town and surrounds.

Our pest control services are available to all business types and almost every industry needs some sort of pest solution which we can tailor to your business.

Being involved in the pest control and fumigation industry for many years, we have learnt the most effective and cost-effective methods of eradicating a wide range of pests from domestic & commercial properties in the Cape.

We offer the following with our services:

  1. Odorless Bio-friendly chemicals
  2. Bio-friendly baits
  3. No unpacking needed
  4. Chemical-free eradication of cockroaches
  5. Child and Animal friendly approach
  6. 6-12 month guarantees
  7. No or very short evacuation times
  8. Pest control certificates

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What environments need pest control?

Our operational approach and methodology to eradicate your pests permanently and safely without leaving a damaging biological footprint are of utmost importance. Our fumigation & eradication services have yielded excellent results in the following environments:

  • Domestic Properties
  • Hotels & BnB’s
  • Kitchens & Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Dorms & Backpackers
  • Daycare centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Security Complexes & Estates

Pest Control Operator (PCO)

Our pest control operators are honest, friendly and professional with many years of experience and will always find the best solution to cure your pest problem in Cape Town. Always keeping safety to your children, animals and the environment our top priority. We are registered and can issue certificates if necessary.

pest control operator in Cape Town
Pest Control Operator in Cape Town

All our technicians are professionally trained in fumigation methods and all pest control services to all situations. If you have any issues/questions with pests in the office, at the factory or at home do not hesitate to call. We can arrange for a quick visit to offer a fumigation or pest control solution.

Guide for Pest Control Cape Town

Cockroach Facts

Cape town is infested with all types of cockroaches. The reason for the constant cockroach control and insecticide applications are due to factors like increased housing development and urbanization, changes in the weather patters resulting in increased humidity, which causes cockroach growth explosions in restaurants and hotels, etc.

Cape Town is infested with mainly American cockroaches and German roaches. We also see increased infestations of Oriental cockroaches in domestic properties. Don’t hesitate to get a professional cockroach killer to exterminate these dangerous critters asap!

How to get rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches at home can be embarrassing, unsightly and can even tarnish a business reputation as well as to your brand image should customers see cockroaches on the premises. Do not ignore this problem! You need to use professional pesticides to permanently rid your premises of this problem.

What attracts cockroaches?

What attracts cockroaches to your home? To have the best chance of keeping cockroaches at bay, there are a few steps to follow. Keep food packed away and sealed properly. Make sure to give the area a deep clean and de-clutter. Make sure you don’t have any leaking pipes as this will attract many cockroaches.

IPM & Bio-safe Pesticides / insecticides

Part of the services we offer is IPM which stands for Integrated Pest Management, which includes deep and thorough inspections to appliances and all crack and crevices for insect and rodent activity. Thereafter we use a combination of bio-safe pesticides/insecticides and gel and granular treatments for successful permanent extermination.

Bed bugs Facts

Cape Town is a tourist destination hot-spot, which means we receive many visitors every year from all around the world. Most clients always try a cheap bed bug insecticide to D.I.Y eradicate the problem, however, this is not always easy or effective because you need to target specific nesting areas and have knowledge on bedbugs. Many insects and bugs are very resilient to off-the-shelf bed bug sprays.

Bed bugs are excellent travellers too and get transported to and from many hospitality places where they travel in luggage bags and can easily be transferred from one hotel or B&B to your home. You need an insecticide with a long-term residual for the control of bed bugs.

Fleas Facts

How to get rid of fleas? Because cape town can be very windy at times of the year we see a high flea infestation where the eggs of fleas are distributed through high winds. This can result in very unhappy and frustrated pets once they become victims of fleas.

The quickest way to identify if you have a flea infestation is to look for signs of pets scratching, flea eggs and flea dirt. Take the time to inspect your pets regularly and visit your local VET to get your animal treated first before you have your home fumigated for fleas.

Rat Facts

Rats and Mice are a very common occurrence and a high risk in the Cape Town and Western Cape areas. Rats and Mice and other rodents are commonly attracted to the food waste from restaurants and high levels of food waste in high-density domestic areas like bin rooms in security complexes. This is an attractant and rodents thrive and breed rapidly under these conditions.
This aggravates the spread of dangerous diseases such as E.coli and Weil’s disease. Many establishments have rat traps and baiting stations installed to curb this epidemic in Cape Town.

Rat poison

If you’ve tried off-the-shelf rat poison and it has not been effective then you are not alone. Many homeowners try this approach first because it’s a cost-effective approach, however, these poisons are not always effective as they have a shelf life like most products and lose their efficacy after a few weeks.
Professional rat poison and baits are a lot more effective as we use fresh baits every time. We also change the baits up and use a combination of fresh wax blocks, pellets, pasta sachets and liquid bait, always yielding fast and effective results.

Mice Facts

Mice breed at a much higher rate than rats which means a house mouse infestation can quickly escalate if ignored.

So how do you get rid of mice?
Due diligence and good housekeeping can minimize the risk of mice entering your house. Do not keep pet food out for long periods of time.

Mouse Traps
Many clients first attempt to use an off-the-shelf mouse trap or sticky glue boards, however, these methods are inhumane and not very effective.

If, however, you already have a mouse infestation and you need a solution immediately – do not hesitate to call a professional exterminator today.

Pest Control Equipment

We only use the latest fly trapping equipment that guarantees success when tackling any flying insect problems in Cape Town. We also offer a host of custom solutions for fly control in hotels, hospitals, kitchens, pubs, shops and daycare centres.

Related Questions

What is a pest control technician?
Pest control technicians inspect, diagnose and eradicate pest problems in domestic and commercial properties. They eliminate pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, termites, flies and rodents. PCO Technicians use many different insecticides made of chemical solutions to eradicate pests.

What is Fumigation services in Cape Town?
Fumigation is the process where a tepid aerosol gas canister is released in an enclosed environment to draw insects out from cracks and crevices and eradicate biting and crawling insects. Fumigation can be done in a domestic of a commercial environment.

Can fumigation permanently eradicate cockroaches?
Simple answer: No. Purely because the cockroach egg casing is very well insulated and protects the eggs inside from any external chemical or gas. You will need a gel and granular application to permanently eliminate cockroaches.

Do bed bugs jump?
Simple answer: NO bedbugs do not have wings and do not fly or jump. Bed bugs can crawl very quickly and travel between hosts easily. Bed bugs feed on human or animal blood and pierce the skin with their mouth-parts after-which they suck blood directly from the host.

Do Rats bite?
Simple answer: Yes. Rats will attack and bite if they feel threatened. They have large front teeth and can give a very painful bite if it feels its safety is compromised. Rats carry many dangerous diseases and if bitten by one you can contract a fever called rat-bite fever.


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