Pest Control Cape Town Services

Cape Town and pest control go hand-in-hand as many domestic and commercial properties in the Cape area suffer from some sort of pest infestation due to a multitude of environmental and hygiene factors. This means that regular fumigation and pest control services is absolutely necessary to eradicate and maintain a pest free environment in the Western Cape.

Our operational approach and methodology is to eradicate your pests permanently and safely without leaving a damaging biological footprint behind. Our services includes the eradication and effective removal of pests in the following environments:

  • Hotels & BnB’s
  • Kitchens & Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Security Complexes & Estates

Being involved in the pest control and fumigation industry for so many years, we have learnt the most effective and cost effective methods of eradicating a wide range of pests from domestic and commercial properties in the Cape.

Our Pest control and Fumigation methods which includes:

  1. Odorless Bio-friendly chemicals
  2. Bio-friendly baits
  3. No unpacking needed
  4. Chemical-free eradication of cockroaches
  5. Child and Animal friendly approach
  6. Tamper-proof and lockable bait stations for kid & Animal safety
  7. 6-12 month guarantees
  8. No or short evacuation times
  9. Pet control certificates

If you need EXPERT advice and EFFICIENT pest control services in Cape Town, just give us a call on (021)7071012 or 0829275223 today.

Pest Control Services:

We offer solutions to the following pests in Cape Town.

Rodent control in Cape Town

Cockroach Fumigation

Bed bug Fumigation 

Fleas Fumigation

Tick Fumigation

Ant control 

Mole eradication

and more…

Flying insect Control Methods

We only use the latest fly trapping equipment that guarantees success when tackling any flying insect problems in Cape Town. Electronic fly units can be supplied and fitted on request. We also offer a host of custom solutions for fly control in hotels, hospitals, kitchens, pubs, shops and daycare centers.

Pest Control Operator

Our pest control operators are honest , friendly and professional with many years of experience and will always find the best solution to cure your pest problem in Cape Town. Always keeping safety to your children, animals and the environment our top priority. We are registered and can issue certificates if necessary.

(021) 707 1012) / 082 9275223