Operator performing microbial fogging service in Cape Town

Are you needing microbial fogging in Cape Town? Look no further, Verm-X is determined to bring quality, Eco-friendly, and affordable microbial fogging Cape Town. We are a professional hygiene and pest control company in Cape Town offering anti-microbial fogging for harmful viruses such as Influenza and Coronavirus.

What is Microbial Fogging Cape Town and how effective is it?

Anti-microbial fogging services in Cape Town is the process of sterilizing hazardous viruses and other bacteria through the use of quality equipment such as our ULV fogger and broad-spectrum sterilization products.

Our fogging services in Cape Town have proven to be one of the most effective methods to control the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, meningitis and more. The fine mist set by our ULV fogging machine will sterilize and decontaminate areas that you can not reach by hand. It will also kill airborne viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes.

We offer Domestic and Commercial microbial fogging Cape Town

We offer both Commercial and Domestic anti-microbial fogging Cape Town, Western Cape.

Commercial microbial fogging Cape Town includes areas such as hotels, restaurants, warehouses, workplaces, schools, hostels and more. We provide certification on completion of our disinfectant fogging services in Cape Town. 

Domestic microbial fogging services in Cape Town are aimed at households that want to prevent the possibility of homeowners coming into contact with harmful bacteria and viruses in their living areas. 

Benefits of Microbial fogging service Cape Town

There are multiple benefits to our decontamination and antimicrobial services in Cape Town and Western Cape. The sterilization process for COVID-19 eliminates all future growth of spores. It also kills fungi and viruses such as Influenza, Hepatitis, E-coli, and Poliovirus to name a few. Our broad-spectrum products are the reason we can treat so many bacteria and viruses through one single treatment.

Eco-friendly Microbial fogging Cape Town

Our sani-safe eco-friendly microbial fogging service Cape Town products are safe to use, non-toxic, non-staining, non-corrosive, odourless and SABS approved. We make sure to use the best quality products in order to keep our clients happy and the environment around the City of Cape Town safe.


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