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Fumigation in Cape Town

We have many years of pest control and fumigation experience. Biting insects & cockroach eradication through fumigation is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods of exterminating cockroaches, biting insects, beetles, weevils, mites, and moths.

Fumigation Services Cape Town

What is fumigation services? Fumigation services in Cape Town include commercial and Domestic spray treatments with a professional bio-friendly insecticide with an active ingredient called Bifenthrin 4.0%. The treatment will eradicate insects nesting in cracks and cervices.

To successfully eradicate your property in Cape Town involves a fumigation treatment in conjunction with cockroach baits and poison in the form of a gel and granule that has a Fipronol active ingredient. The active ingredient called Fipronil .05% found in the gel and granules disrupts the insect central nervous system, leading to the cockroach’s death in 6 to 24 hours.

How effective is Fumigation in Cape Town

Fumigation in Cape Town is extremely effective and definitely one of the most successful methods of pest control.

As long as the fumigation is done in the right way you should be able to tackle any issue you might have whether it be cockroaches, fleas, or any other insect or bug living on the premises.

Sometimes fumigation in Cape Town needs other methods of pest control alongside it. For example, if you have a really bad infestation or lots of eggs on the premises you will have to include baiting techniques in order to kill the pests once they hatch.

What Pests Need Fumigation?

Pests that need fumigation in Cape Town are usually smaller insect type pests that crawl or fly. The reason fumigation services in Cape Town will work so well for these pests is because they cannot be caught or fed bait such as bigger pests.

Some pests that we eradicate using fumigation Cape Town services include Cockroach, Bedbug, Ant, Flea, Fly, Mosquito, and many more.

How does the fumigation process work?

The ultimate guide to fumigation in Cape Town

  1. When carrying out an insect & cockroach pest fumigation all exposed food needs to be placed in sealed containers or in the fridge. 
  2. Any ventilation systems need to be switched off.
  3. The Aerosol Gas tab needs to be placed in a raised or elevated position in the area that needs to be treated.
  4. One 330ML gas tab will be effective to treat an area of 150m2-600m2 of room space.
  5. All tenants should vacate the dwelling overnight or for a minimum of 4-6 hours once the insect fumigation service in Cape Town has begun. 
  6. Once the 4-6 hours have elapsed, all windows and doors need to be opened for about 1-2 hours to allow the property to be well ventilated. 
  7. For general household insects and pests, we use a rapid-acting total release aerosol for space fumigation in conjunction with a chemical spray treatment to target cockroaches and all general insects. This is a broad-spectrum control for all flying and crawling insects.

Fumigation Cape Town Facts

  • Insecticide foggers can be very effective for the immediate relief of cockroaches or biting insects.
  • We only use professional non-commercial brands which are more effective for eradicating any household pest like cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, etc.
  • NUPRO for example, the gas has a very good knockdown. (the chemical that kills insects quickly)
  • Active ingredient: Dichlorvos (organophosphate) 124g/kg
  • The fogger fumigation Cape Town is also very effective in targeting hard to reach cracks and crevices when dealing with cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, or fleas.
  • Most professional fumigation gas tab foggers will be effective for controlling German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, and moths.

Fumigation Fogger applications

We follow a strict process to ensure everyone is evacuated for the stipulated time while the fumigation Cape Town is in progress as well as afterward. This is anything between 4-6 hours. The fumigation fogger can be used in any of the following areas:

  1. Food handling and processing establishments
  2. Commercial and Industrial Premises
  3. Hospitals
  4. Homes
  5. Restaurants
  6. Ships
  7. Offices
  8. Store Rooms
  9. Schools
  10. Hotels
  11. Warehouses

Tempo, Doom, NuPro Fogger Characteristics

The NuPro fogger, Tempo fogger, and doom foggers produces a micro-fine spray-mist to flush out and kill insects and cockroaches hiding in cracks, crevices, and hard to reach places.

This application is excellent for crack and crevice treatment targeting cockroaches and other crawling and biting insects. The foggers have a good knockdown and covers a broad spectrum of insects.

What is the active ingredient in fumigation?

It is usually Cyfluthrin (Pyrethroid) or Triflumuron (Benzoyl) or Transfluthrin (Pyrethroid) or a combination of them. These are usually found in fumigation Cape Town products
The active ingredient is the chemical inside the fogger that actively kills the insect.
This active ingredient is harmful to humans and insects if ingested in any way.

Can fumigation alone eradicate cockroaches?

Simple answer: No. Purely because the egg casing of the cockroach is very well insulated and protects the eggs inside from any external chemical or gas.

The egg case is known as the Ootheca and contains many eggs and is enveloped by a protein substance that gradually hardens into a strong, protective casing. Some cockroach species drop the egg case, while other species carry it until the eggs are ready to hatch. In order to successfully eradicate German cockroaches, you need to use a cockroach poison or bait in the form of a gel or a granule.

What is fumigation residual action?

What does this term mean? This refers to the time period after the fumigation Cape Town has ended that the chemical is still active on the surface and effective in killing ants, cockroaches, or insects making contact with the exposed surface. The fumigation fogger residual action can last from 1 week to 4 weeks. Depending on which brand you use.

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