Verm-X Pest Control

VERM-X Pest Control is a private South African based business that offers Reliable and affordable pest control and fumigation services in Cape Town.

We are registered with the Department of Agriculture and only use products that are registered under ACT 36 of 1947.

Affordable Pest Control Cape Town

VERM-X pest control technicians have been trained to always ensure our traps/baits are placed discreetly and in a manner where child and animal safety are always prioritized. Our pest control technicians always take every precaution to ensure that our pest control products and fumigation services are environmentally compatible and are not harmful to your safety or your property. 

Our pest control technicians operate across the Western Cape, this means we are always just around the corner and willing to help with any pest control issues you might have.

Our Mission

We understand that economic times are tough so we always strive to provide the “Most quality and affordable pest control Cape Town.” All our pest control work includes a 2-3 month guarantee. 

Request a call-back and we will contact you to discuss your options

Contact us directly on: 0729038541